Booking a flight to any location in the world has never been so easy. We utilise world-leading global distribution systems, which means we can speak directly with the airlines to source the most convenient flight paths at the cheapest prices available. With access to over 600 airlines worldwide, we will be sure to provide the ultimate stress-free journey across the skies.

  • Short- and long-haul flights
  • Multi-stop itineraries
  • Discounted rates
  • VIP airport services

Charter and Private Flights

Some might think that renting your own private jet or Airbus will cost you the planet, but this is not often the case. Our developed partnerships enable us to curate those last-minute, specific location flights on request. Even hiring an Airbus A380 is possible, customised to meet your requirements, all whilst ensuring safety and comfort.

Whilst we aim to provide the ultimate flight experience, we’re mindful of the carbon footprint it may create, so we do everything we can to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

  • Group bookings
  • Private aviation and helicopters
  • Ground transportation


Book accommodations from just over 800,000+ partners internationally!

Our expertise is in destination travel. We transact and manage thousands of hotel room night event bookings. Customers can choose from accommodation options close to the event madness or away from the busy zone of the event scene.

  • Hotels
  • Serviced apartments
  • Villas

We provide statistical data on the travel traffic your event produced, taking a holistic approach to travel and providing management customer services on the ground handling of each event.

  • Employees
  • Customers


  • Green car
  • Logistics
  • Hotel transfers
  • Airport transport
  • Reporting statistical data


Our Streamline 360-degree travel technology approach captures both the customer’s individual journey and mass travel.

Book online, on the phone, and on the move!

The online experience has been developed with the latest technology and approach to provide a fully customised booking platform, tailored to your event.

Attendees have access to some of the most conveniently located hotels at the best prices.

  • Large-scale travel management
  • Online bookings (24 hours)
  • Traveller profile and policy management
  • Account management support
  • Administration and maintenance
  • Data statistical reporting