Sport Events

Sport events, games, and competitions all fall within the scope of Streamline Travel. We understand that large-scale events often require the need to service vast amounts of attendees.

Through years of expert, hands-on experience, we’ve developed our own niche booking platform that simplifies the 360-degree booking experience for both attendees and sports organisations alike.

Our in-house travel division can meet all the requirements of any sport event, game, or competition, supplying a strategic and cost-effective travel solution throughout.

We will look to curate the whole customer journey, sourcing the most conveniently located hotels at the right prices and organising reliable transfer options, all whilst providing a high-quality, efficient service.

Exhibitions, Congress, Product launches

We’ve provided travel technology ranging from ecological plastic shows to the world’s largest car show exhibitions, all seamlessly provided by our division management teams.

We will handle the travel services element of your large event, from travel to logistics and more.

  • Exhibitions
  • Congresses
  • Events
  • Product launches


In this day and age, more and more companies are looking to create the ultimate experience for their clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market. We have the resources and ability to provide the complete travel solution so you can focus on the more pressing matter of organising your event experience.

We’ll provide excellent choices in terms of hospitality and accommodation in the area and the best possible rates.


We aim to bring the festival to the customer with a great selection of suitable accommodations within the vicinity of the event.

  • Daily hotel transfers
  • Exclusive bus transfers
  • Access to VIP ticketing